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Knotted Nylon backstop netting for;

Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse and More


Knotted Nylon Netting is the industry standard in field netting. Some of It’s most common uses include batting cages, backstops, spectator sideline protection, ball containment, etc…


This strong, high-end knotted nylon netting is available in various thread sizes and netting squares for all levels of play from little league recreation to major league sports, Multipurpose field division, Sideline protection and Ball Containment



·         UV Stabilized and Pressure Dyed

·         Super Durable

·         String Sizes: #21, #24, #36, #42, #48, #60, #72 or #96


Net Sizes (See Photos at Bottom of Page)

·         7/8” Square - Golf or Multipurpose

·         1 1/2" Square – Lacrosse or Multipurpose

·         1 7/8”Square - Baseball

·         4”Square – Soccer or Football



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